ae2010 A Symposium in Agent-Based Computational Methods
in Finance and Economics

6th Edition
Conference Series
Instruction for Reviewers

(*) Adapted from the original document available at the ConfTool Webpage
[pdf-printable version]

As a reviewer or member of the program committee (PC member), you got an invitation by e-mail with your login details. The conference organizers have settled up the basic account data and your user role for you. Please use this account for all further accesses to the ConfTool system.

If you have just submitted a contribution to the Conference, you will asked to use the same account for reviews as well, as it simplifies to detect conflicts of interest.

 LOGIN TO ConfTool

After having received your account data, please go to the main  ConfTool page  and log in with your user name and password under "Registered Users". If you have lost either, it can be obtained through the links right of the login text fields.


After first login, please select "Personal Data / User Data" to update your personal account details.


Please use this opportunity to enter a new password, as you got the initial password by e-mail.
Click "Submit User Data" to save your changes.


For all subsequent operations you have to be logged in.


The chairs has assigned submissions to the reviewers.

To access the contributions assigned to you for reviewing, please log in to your ConfTool account and select "Edit Reviews".


Here you can access the abstracts of the contributions and download the manuscripts.



After reading the contributions, please enter your review result (using your Web browser) into the provided online forms.


There are categories to score each contribution.
You may use the print option of ConfTool and your Web browser to print out abstracts and review forms. Click "Submit Review" to save your work.

Please save your review in time, since there is a session timeout (usually 2 hours), after which unsaved modifications will be lost.

You can update your review at any time before the deadline.

Reviews will not be made visible to authors until the review process is finished and the final acceptance status has been decided by the chairs based on all evaluations.