ae2010 A Symposium in Agent-Based Computational Methods
in Finance and Economics

6th Edition
Conference Series
About Treviso



Treviso is a historic city in the Veneto region with approximately 100.000 inhabitants. It is the wealthy capital of the Province of Treviso, once know as the "Marca gioiosa" (the Joyful March) for the beauty of the buildings and the surrounding areas. There are a variety of monuments (notably, stone lions) and artifacts that belong to the period when the town was a part of the Serenissima (the Republic of Venice, since the XIV century). The town is now famous for the fashion brand "Benetton" and, possibly, for a bizzarre and embarassingly controversial deputy mayor.

To tickle your interest we suggest tou to have a look at the tourist/historical places you cannot leave without visit them. To see where they are located and plan an "efficient" sightseeing see the provided  google map . In such a map, the most part of the descriptions contains a link to a nice website that will provide you useful information (in english) about each historical location.


Venice is less than 40 km away and it can be very conveniently visited using frequent trains (about 40 daily) with a one-way travel time of 35-45 minutes.


You can easily reach Treviso by train. The direction is often Udine or Udine-Trieste but there are other chances. Check the Trenitalia-website for schedules and fares. You can purchase tickets online.

Treviso can be easily reached by car using:

Treviso has its own important airport served by many low-cost companies (including Ryanair, Transavia and Germanwings). Please notice that the airport of Treviso (TSF) is also known as Treviso-Venice or Venice-Treviso because it's close to the much bigger airport of Venice that is 40 km far from Treviso. In other words, be aware that Venice is neither Treviso-Venice nor Venice-Treviso, as far as airports are concerned!




There are few hotels in the center and searching for accomodation through the web would produce results in locations far from the City Center/Conference Venue. We strongly suggest you to book in advance and pay attention to the location on the map of the chosen site.

You can find a list of suggested hotels in the City Center below; see the aside map to valuate their distance from the Conference Venue. We also list some other possible solutions a bit away from the Conference Venue. Write to IAT Treviso to get a brochure about accomodation in Treviso and a more complete list of hotels and B&Bs.

 Suggested Hotels in the City Center

Hotel Continental
via Roma 16, I-31100 Treviso (TV)
+39 0422 411 216 (Phone)
+39 0422 550 54 (Fax)

200 meters from the railway station, less than 5 minutes walking from the conference's venue. Ask for rooms in high floors as the place can be noisy. It is a bit old-fashioned like the nearby Carlton Hotel.

Albergo Il Focolare
Piazza Ancillotto 4, I-3100 Treviso (TV)
+39 0422 56601 (Phone&Fax)

Very close to the central Piazza dei Signori, less than 5 minutes walking from the conference's venue. Very good biews of the town in some rooms (ask for 34, 30, 31 and 29).

Design Bed and Breakfast
Borgo Cavour 19, I-3100 Treviso (TV)
+39 0422 419145 (Phone)

Still inside the historic walls but you need 10 minutes walking to reach the conference venue. Very modern and stylish.

See AE2010 - Accomodation (City Center) in a bigger map

 Few Kilometers away from the City Center

These hotels are located few kilometers away from the center (approx travel-time 20-25 minutes).
It can be a good second-best solution: they have many rooms and discounts are available on internet.
Take bus n.7 or 8 (approx travel-time 20/25 minutes). Schedule here.

Hotel Boscolo Maggior Consiglio
via Terraglio 140
I-31100 Treviso (TV)

Hotel Scala
viale Felissent 1
I-31100 Treviso (TV)

Hotel Il Galletto
via S. Bona Vecchia 30
I-31100 Treviso (TV)

Hotel Al Fogher
Viale della Repubblica, 10
I- 31100 Treviso (TV)

See AE2010 - Accomodation (few kilometers away) in a bigger map